Art Inspiration

Jun 4, 2014

Whimsy Swap

 Thank you Donna And Maura for creating a Special Whimsy Character for this swap.  I love what you both created, I  am not sure I can give up either of your characters.
 All three Whimsy Character are so creatively different and special. 

Donna's Whimsy

Maura's Whimsy

Doris's Whimsy  (I so need to get a better camera).

I will bring your swaps with me to the gathering if that's ok with both of you.
 Again thanks for playing.


  1. WOW....You all did an amazing job....SO SO creative !!!!!!! BRAVO to you all.

  2. Great job girls….I can't believe you can even give them up!

  3. It was hard to give to Doris!! But they are so fabulous, gotta love them all!

  4. This swap was really difficult, I really couldn't decide what to do so Donna, Maura and I talked it over and we decided to keep our own pieces.