Art Inspiration

Sep 25, 2013

Update on Art Night

Hi ladies, just wanted to give you a update on Art Night.
I have not forgotten about it and do plan to get it organized and started.
It's just that when I sat down with my calendar, like many of us,
I didn't know where I could fit it in with everything thing else I have going
on over the next couple of months,  and with the holiday season approaching.
So with that being said, The new time frame to start this venture will be in January.
We can talk more about it at the gathering on Oct. 25.  I hope to see you there.

Sep 22, 2013

Janice's Gratitude Swap


Announcing.... A NEW Swap for November from Janice

November is gratitude month and I always like to spend some time
counting my blessings!! You can help. This is a simple swap.
One for One. Make a 4X4 suitable for hanging which expresses
your thankfulness for the abundance we all share. Due Saturday,
November 2.

Sep 21, 2013

2013 Halloween Gathering

Bubble, blubber, squirm and gloop,
Boiling broth of bat's tail soup.
Wobble, slobber, liquid goo,
Add the sole of one old shoe.
Spooky shadows dance around,
Of frogs and rats and snarling hounds.
Steam swirls rising to the roof,
Add one small ear and one old tooth.
Gnarly, scratchy, tickle and itch,
Stir round and round to make it rich.
Mushy, sticky, sizzle and stew,
This Halloween’s Gathering just for you


Friday, October 25th
6:00 9:00 p.m.
at:   Michelle Johnson's Home
Niskayuna, NY
Your welcome to Come in costumes or
Come in jeans…
We want you to
be comfortable
and be seen.....
if your dare
Beth or Doris
PS: Please see the Yahoo site for Michelle's address
and let us know if you need directions

Sep 8, 2013


Just a reminder to everyone wanting to play, the deadline for the Christmas Ornament Swap WAS Sept. 10th...I am going to extend it one more time to Friday, Sept. 13th.  So anyone wanting to play you have additional time.  

Please let me know if you plan on playing by the 13th so I can swap them out and get them in the mail on Monday the 16th.  

Thanks gals!