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Nov 24, 2014

New Year, New Plan

Hi Girls,
Michele and Sue hosted a wonderful gathering at Michele's home on Friday past - thank you Michele and Sue...everything was delightful and we missed everyone that could not participate!

As promised, those in attendance at Michele's - Donna, Melissa [Donna's daughter and newest member to our little group], Maura, Miriam, Sue, Michele and me - discussed the upcoming new year and where did we want this group to go….I had input from Lori, Mary, Janice and Peggy that I shared.  

One recommendation we had was to have a "purpose" for our group, along with the social part, to maybe participate Art Abandonment 2015 or the 1000 Cranes for Hope and Healing project.  Another idea was for each gathering someone would host (providing some snacks) and someone different would teache/lead a project (and provide the supplies).  There would be a fee for the "class" based on the project. It would be a way to keep us meeting on a regular basis and keep the art new and fresh, as we would always be learning something different.  The projects can be as simple or complex as the teacher/leader wants.  Another idea was to hold a gathering and everyone bring their own project to do - similar to a crop.  This way there is no pressure on anyone come up with a project.  All these are great ideas and we can do all of them - and so much more!  

What we [everyone at Michele's that is] all thought was, foremost, we wanted to keep the group moving forward.  Yes, it is social; yes it is a learning experience at times; at other times it can be a time to get together and share friendship while doing your own thing; yes there will be food or snacks either provided or bring your own - or not; yes you can hold a gathering at Michael's or in your home, or wherever you like.  With all that being said, we also decided that we do not need a moderator.  Every time there is a gathering someone from the group will pick a time and place to host the next gathering - or one in the future.  If you would like to do a holiday or summer, just say that's the one I want.  If you only want to host, that's fine, someone else can choose to show a project to do, or repeat an old one….or, again, we can just have a gathering and bring your own project to do.  We felt that if we keep it simple and not have to many guidelines it may just work out.  However, everyone should step up to the plate and host a gathering or project….there are many of us in the group who would be willing to help if someone is unsure of a project, theme, or whatever.  There is a wealth of talent among us and all are willing to share.  

Miriam and I will be hosting the next gathering in honor of Valentine's Day….date, time and place will be announced soon.  If there is a fee, we will also let you know.  At this gathering will we again discuss our group's new plan for the upcoming year - any input will be greatly appreciated by all.  We even discussed hosting our own, small, intimate, crop and may even have a place to hold it….we were all excited for the coming year and hope you will be, too!

As Maura's previous post said, we will not be using Facebook, Yahoo or the Blog any longer.  We ask you to send either Maura or I an email so we can compile a list of active members with their email address.  We will then share this information with the group.  When we need to contact each other, it will be strictly through emails….as soon as we can get the list up and running.  So please, if you want to be an active member, send one of us your email address.

Any questions contact anyone of us who was at Michele's - wishing everyone a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving . . . 


Changes Ahead!

We will be moving forward using an email list to let everyone know of the upcoming gatherings and events and moving away from Yahoo Groups, this blog, and Facebook. If you are interested in receiving these emails, and have not given Fran your information, please email Maura at and let me know you would like to be added to the list by December 15.
Thanks and have a wonderful holiday season!

Nov 18, 2014

Moving Forward???

Hi everyone,
I know many of you are not attending Michele and Sue's gathering on Friday evening.  As this is the last time we will meet this year as a group, we need to discuss whether or not we are moving forward with "In My Vintage Room" or laying it to rest.  As you are all aware, Doris has resigned as moderator.  I am NOT looking for the role of moderator but I am concerned as to whether or not we will proceed as a group and someone needs to get the ball rolling [or not].  What I am asking everyone who is active, to let me know by Friday if you want to go forward or not.  I would also like to know where you see this group going in 2015 - what do you want us "to do".  I, for one, am growing out of space for any more 4 x 4's or ATC's - of course that is just me, swaps of this nature can still be offered for those who are still interested.  Do we want to continue doing swaps of another type?  Do we want to alter something as a "reveal" or as a "swap"?  Do we want the gatherings to continue?  On this subject of gatherings, I will say this, if we still want the gatherings to continue WE ALL HAVE TO TAKE PART IN HOSTING….if you can not do the month you chose then it can be switched with someone else.  I think this is of upmost importance.  I strongly feel everyone needs to take a turn at hosting…..remember, you have a wealth of talented people at your fingertips to help you with your gathering if you are a novice, feel intimidated or just need some ideas.  The gatherings are fun and we all get to share time, camaraderie and talent.

There are many roads we can take but the main question here is DO WE WANT TO CONTINUE WITH THIS GROUP?  Any ideas, concerns or comments need to be brought forward.  We can decide at this gathering, or in February as Miriam would like to host a Valentine's gathering in February.  Remember, with the availability of Michael's at Crossgate Commons, no one has to host in their home unless they choose to.  

So please, take a moment to think about this and get back to me, either through the group, on the blog or to me personally @   I will take all information to Michele's and we can see what we may or may not want to do.  Also, please do not think I'm trying to take over because that is not the case here; I have known many of you for a long time and it would be very sad to me not to be able to see you all.  We can keep this going if there are only a few of us interested.


Oct 16, 2014

Update on Art Gathering

Lori and I are canceling the spooktacular gathering scheduled for the 24th. It has turned out to be a busy time for our members, and not enough folks able to make it.

We hope you all enjoy your Halloween and hope to see you at the next one!


Sep 30, 2014

Results of the Seasons Swap

Thank You to those that swapped....


Sep 29, 2014

Swap for Halloween


 Donna Lagone would like to host a swap
3 for 3 ATC's Halloween Ornaments.
Must have something that moves on them and must hang.
Due October 24th,  bring to Lori and Maura's Gathering and we will swap.
or mail to Donna Lagone by the 22nd so she has them for the gathering.

Have Fun Creating...

Save the Date for the Holiday Gathering

Because of the Holidays we are sending you a Save the date notice for the Holiday Gathering at Michele Johnson's Home.  We will be having it on Friday November 21st at 6PM.  Further info will be sent to you by the end of October.  This is just so you can plan with all the holiday events that are coming.
Hope you can join us.

Michele Johnson and Sue Black

Sep 5, 2014

Autumn Gathering

 Thanks to all who attended the Autumn Gathering it was a lot fun.   Here are the pictures of the sample banner we made.  I hope everyone was able to finish there's and has it up to welcome the incoming season.                  

Aug 11, 2014

Autumn Welcome Gathering.....NEW DATE


When the trees their summer splendor
Change to raiment red and gold
When the summer moon turns mellow,
And the nights are getting cold;
When the squirrels hide their acorns,
And the woodchucks disappear;
Then we know that it is autumn,
Loveliest season of the year.
                               Charotte L. Riser

Now that I have you thinking about the season that is upon us ...

You are invited to the Autumn Gathering
On Friday, August  22, 2014
At Michaels on Washington Avenue Albany NY
5:30 to 8:30pm
There will be food (to be decided)
drinks, and Autumn themed projects.

Please RSVP as soon as possible
and mail the Gathering Fee of $20.00
 by August 22.
to Doris Santore
(if you need my address let me know)
Standard supplies needed tape, inks, glue, scissors and/or  any fall embellishments you might want to use.  One of the projects will be a fall banner.
I am sorry for the short notice, your quick response will help me to know how many to plan for.
Thank you Doris