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Apr 6, 2013

Spring Gathering "Thank You"

Miriam :o) and I:x  would like to extend a big THANK YOU  to everyone who was able to attend the gathering last night at Art Smarts.   We hope you all had a good time....we did!!!  Art Smarts was not a bad place to host this type of was a little tight, but all in all, worked out fine.  In case anyone is interested, the cost to rent this space is $40.00 - contact me if you want the info.  Also, on this note, Sue Black mentioned to me last night that there is a church in Glenmont that she used to rent for her stamp camp and they charge $30.00....if you want more info on this space please contact Sue.

The Altered Cabinets were was more unique than the other....we sure are a talented group if I might say so!  Maura will be posting the pictures on the blog very soon.....and I hope to post them on my blog as well.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and looking forward to our next gathering, which, I believe [Doris has the list], will be hosted by Maura and Lori sometime in August!

Miriam & Fran


  1. Miriam and Fran - thank you so much! It was a great evening, and I especially liked the popcorn - LOL!

  2. Thank you both, Miriam and Fran for for a awsome Spring Gathering. It was so great to see everyone.