Art Inspiration

Apr 6, 2013

Altered Art Cabinets Revealed!

We had a delightful art gathering last evening with yummy food (especially that popcorn), prizes, make and takes, and the highlight was the unveiling of our altered cabinets. Each one is so unique and evokes the personality of its creator. Here they are!









Mary and Sue's will be added as soon as I get their photos.

Thanks Doris for a great idea with the cabinets, and thank you Fran and Miriam for our art gathering getaway!



  1. Beautiful cabinets girls....great idea Doris!

  2. Thanks, I am so glad everyone enjoyed this project. Each hutch shows such personality. I appreciate all love and time everyone took in makeing their hutchs.

  3. Everyone's cabinets came out wonderful!!!! I'm so sorry I missed the gathering.

  4. I loved looking at these... Thank you for sharing them!!! It inspires me to one day actually finish the beautiful dollhouse my father made for me so I can pass it onto Georgia... or maybe her children (at the rate I'm going) How neat would it be to have a cabinet like these in the house!
    Tara Burtt

  5. First of all thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, dear Maura! I came to visit you, too and find these amazing cabinets. This must have been great fun to make! And all those different interpretations... I would have loved to play along... Anyway, it is still a great inspiration!
    Greets, Manu
    (P.S. I am having a giveaway I just entered today. So, if you are interested, just hop over again...)