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Apr 24, 2012

Tim Holtz Configuration Boxes

A couple weeks ago, Maura, Mary, Miriam and myself (hopefully I didn't leave anyone out) along with several other ladies took a class at Captured Moments using the Tim Holtz Configuration Boxes. We all had such a great time playing with the boxes trying to figure out what way to place them and what to put in them.  I have pictures of Maura's and mine and hope that Mary and Miriam will post pictures of their's for you to see....enjoy

                                                   Maura's Christmas Configuration Box
    more pictures of Maura's box can be found on her blog: 
 Two Crafting Sisters   (link to the right)


      Doris's Christmas Configuration Box
                       see more picture of mine on my blog: 
                      Berry Best Designs   (link to the right)

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