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Nov 18, 2014

Moving Forward???

Hi everyone,
I know many of you are not attending Michele and Sue's gathering on Friday evening.  As this is the last time we will meet this year as a group, we need to discuss whether or not we are moving forward with "In My Vintage Room" or laying it to rest.  As you are all aware, Doris has resigned as moderator.  I am NOT looking for the role of moderator but I am concerned as to whether or not we will proceed as a group and someone needs to get the ball rolling [or not].  What I am asking everyone who is active, to let me know by Friday if you want to go forward or not.  I would also like to know where you see this group going in 2015 - what do you want us "to do".  I, for one, am growing out of space for any more 4 x 4's or ATC's - of course that is just me, swaps of this nature can still be offered for those who are still interested.  Do we want to continue doing swaps of another type?  Do we want to alter something as a "reveal" or as a "swap"?  Do we want the gatherings to continue?  On this subject of gatherings, I will say this, if we still want the gatherings to continue WE ALL HAVE TO TAKE PART IN HOSTING….if you can not do the month you chose then it can be switched with someone else.  I think this is of upmost importance.  I strongly feel everyone needs to take a turn at hosting…..remember, you have a wealth of talented people at your fingertips to help you with your gathering if you are a novice, feel intimidated or just need some ideas.  The gatherings are fun and we all get to share time, camaraderie and talent.

There are many roads we can take but the main question here is DO WE WANT TO CONTINUE WITH THIS GROUP?  Any ideas, concerns or comments need to be brought forward.  We can decide at this gathering, or in February as Miriam would like to host a Valentine's gathering in February.  Remember, with the availability of Michael's at Crossgate Commons, no one has to host in their home unless they choose to.  

So please, take a moment to think about this and get back to me, either through the group, on the blog or to me personally @   I will take all information to Michele's and we can see what we may or may not want to do.  Also, please do not think I'm trying to take over because that is not the case here; I have known many of you for a long time and it would be very sad to me not to be able to see you all.  We can keep this going if there are only a few of us interested.


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