Art Inspiration

Apr 17, 2014

A Fun Whimsey and different Swap

I have been trying to come up with something different for a swap, and this is what I decided to try.

Start with a small box, a block of wood, a tin, cardboard or what ever you have that can be used as a body.
Next add a head, arms, legs, clothes, these can be made from clay, paper, wood, twigs, flowers whatever you have available.
What you are creating is a funny, cute, whimsical doll something that will make you smile maybe even chuckle when you see it finished.

The above are just samples of what I had in mind for this swap, please check Pinterest (Altered Projects, Altered Items etc...) for more ideas.

This will be due to me Friday, May 30th.   I will make arrangements with you for (local) pick up and delivery so she doesn't have to me mailed.  Just let me know when she's ready.