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Aug 8, 2013

Hey Gals,
I meant to send out a reminder earlier this week, but I'm sorry I forgot.  Just wanted to tell you if you have your Christmas ornaments ready for the exchange and you're going to the gathering at Lori's tomorrow you can give them to me then.  This will save you some postage....remember to bring a return mailer with postage so I can return them to you.  If your ornaments are not ready [mine aren't]the deadline to get them to me is August 15th - and if anyone still wants to participate but needs a little more time just let me know and I'll extend the swap until after labor day.  I would love to have a lot of you talented gals participate.  I know, I know, it seemed like such a long time since I posted the swap and now here it is right in our laps.   Remember this exchange will be repeated - due date to me will be around Nov. 30th. 

Looking forward to seeing most of you tomorrow and and will miss the gals who will not be present!
good wishes

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