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Sep 9, 2012

Samples of Altered Witch Hats

As promised here are picture of the Witch Hat I am altering for the gathering....
The witchs hat I am altering will also be a photo album.
 After I measured the brim of the hat I then cut 2 10" circles from sturdy black card stock.   
Glue the 2 circles together this just makes the base sturdier.

 I then cut squares 7 x 7" squares  (but you could use circles) to make the photo album (I cut 6 pages) I used black duck tape to bind the pages of the album.
I then glued the last page of the album to the back circle centering it.
I used a 1/2" screw type book post to attach the brim and base circle together. 
This allows for the hat to swing open, out of the way, to view the album rather than flip up.  

I then ataached a heavy purse magnetic disk on the opposite side of the circle and brim
 for the closure. (The magnetic disk I purchased at Joann Fabrics).

Now all thats left is to finish decorating and adding my pictures. If you have any questions email or call me and I will try to answer them for you..

Some samples of altered witchs Hats
Height can be added to the hat by adding paper or fabric by wrapping the cone to desired height then shape the point. If using fabric you can either stuff the point and or use fabric stiffner to angle the point the way you want like. Either way you can change the shape of the witchs hat  




  1. Thanks for the info Doris - I have been waiting for you to post this. I was actually going to email you and I tuned into the blog and to my surprise here is was! I think I'm going to attempt to make my hat into a scrapbook also so I'll probably be calling you for help-althoug your directions seem pretty easy to follow. Your hat here is really, really great! I love it! And thanks for all the samples you posted....we should have some great hats to view during the Oct. gathering. good wishes...and thanks again for the tutorial.

  2. Wow Doe , this is awesome, thanks for the info .. really like the idea and I think I will ditoo you and fran to do this as an album. Thanks for the great project