Art Inspiration

Aug 3, 2012

Lori's & Maura's Summer Art Gathering

First, I would like to say thank you to Lori for inviting us into your beautiful home for a summer gathering.

Next, I also want to thank both Lori and Marua for planning such a fun filled few hours of good food and creative crafting. I am so glad everyone was able to make it (Miriam you were with us in sprit, get better soon so you can come to the October Halloween Gathering) it was great to see everyone.

And a Big welcome to our newest member Colleen Dougan.

Love From Doe
 (aka Doris) 


  1. I second all of the above. It was great for me to get back to being with you wonderful ladies and I look forward to future gatherings and actually "doing" some art projects. Thanks for the inspiration again.

  2. I always love spending time with you ladies. I am honored to be apart of this wonderful group!!!

  3. Thank you Lori for opening your home for us for a wonderful evening...your
    gathering was perfect as usual. The "tole" tray favor was unique and will be
    treasured! The food you chose was perfect for a "hot" summer evening - I loved
    the Lemoncello Gelato ... It was soooo refreshing. With the heat AND power
    failure (nothing you could have prevented nor wanted), I believe everyone had a
    wonderful time! Thank you again!

    Thank you Maura for, yet again, a wonderful project! It is a great place to
    store those 4x4's that you just can't put on a ring! I think I'll being making
    a few more of these!

    Ginger, your gift was very sweet, special and thoughtful - thank you!

    It was so very special to see everyone....and welcome Colleen!

  4. Thanks Ladies! We have lots of ideas to work on and inspiration. Let's see where the art path leads us!

  5. I t was a wonderful gathering @ Lori's with Maura's project. Can't wait for our Halloween gathering.