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Mar 31, 2012

Captured Fairy

Marua, myself and several other ladies attend a class at Captured Moments, this morning.  I have to say I am excited about how great our projects turned out.
  We all started with the same supplies... a porcelian fairy, glass jar, and a assortment of things to use to decorate her. And no suprise how beautiful and different  they all turned out.

The picture below is what I chose to use to dress my Fairy

Doris's finished Captured Fairy's

Marua's finished Captured Fairy

Examples of other fairies that were made in our class

There were several other ladies there today, but unfortunally I did not get pictures of all the fairies.
If  Maura has pictures of some of the others maybe she will share with

Tara at Captured Moments posted more pictures of the fairies on their blog, I have attached the link below.

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  1. How wonderful these are. I am wondering where one purchases the faries?